Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Origin of HIV AIDS

We often hear the current HIV-AIDS is a virus that is extremely dangerous and can cause death. It was the opinion of some, but I myself have a different opinion with them. According to my aid HIV is a virus that goal if it is entered into the body organ function is to undermine the existing T-helper in the body, while the T-helper function is to protect and maintain their own body against some diseases. 

So if T-helper undermined by the HIV virus the body's defense more days will decrease, and the possible chance of developing the disease will be greater. And at this moment better known masayakat HIV in the world as a disease of AIDS.

You must be wondering how the hell penayakit origin so that in the 20th century a lot of people who died due to HIV AIDS?

In 1980 was the first time this disease found in America. Many health experts who argued that the origin of the injectable polio viksin. That syringes were from kidney viksin green sipanse spread in Africa is in the doctrine to mendeskriminasi people who were black. But the problem tersebutmengurangi connection to the cause of HIV by viksin.

But after 1981 has found that there were more people died of AIDS came from men guy. After that in 1990 no longer comes from the Patient Zero (Patient First) he was a steward who is always traveling the world and play sexs with many women. The first possibility is the spread of the virus derived from the transfer of blood or of association with drug users. It's possible that could be used until the main current.   

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