Saturday, December 18, 2010

Benefits of Soy Milk

Basically, milk is one food resource that is very important. But at the current price of formula milk is soaring high and sometimes the price is intolerable for the lower classes who also need milk for health and development of the human body.
And I suggest instead of formula milk, no soy milk protein content is not inferior to cow's milk and infant formula. In addition, price is very cheap compared with other milk. in place of a quart of milk I can get a price of INR 3000 or $ 0.3

Also in a lot of soy milk contains proteins that help the body in the metabolism of the body, replacing damaged cells. carbohydrate menandung good fats that help the body produce energy. its fibers or fiber that can help the digestive system found in the body. vitamins help the body's reproductive system as well as mineral which helps build bones, teeth and nails.

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