Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Cope with Breast Cancer Benign (FAM)

"At the end of 2009 I feel there is a small lump in my breast, when the mind is always worried mengahantuiku. Feelings of fear are everywhere, to the point that I was afraid to go to the doctor. But after I was browsing at the internet, I began to have the strength to rise up and dare to check, whether I suffered is very dangerous. At that time my mind was dropped once, because it coincided with my auntie was sick and suffering from pancreatic cancer. 
But before I go to the doctor I could go into a kind of alternative Chinese medicine full-blooded body, there I am getting therapy and medication as well as many restrictions that I should do. However, after 1 month of therapy I do it. I began to believe will go to the doctor for tests ongkology than I should be late and regret all.

In November I began to undergo examination and it turns out I tested positive suffered from benign tumors,,,, Thank God there is little relief in my mind. However, despite the benign tumor, I still have to undergo surgery. After surgery, I still do control every week.

But my neighbor said that had experienced the same thing, it turns out he has been doing treatment only with the traditional treatment by rubbing the saliva out of bed. It turned out that in the not so long it turns out the lump goes away by itself." 

This article was written by my girlfriend, Nur Cholifah

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