Friday, December 24, 2010

Tips to Have Beautiful Legs

Hay buddy,,,,, especially the women who want to have beautiful legs here I will give on how to care for the feet look beautiful. Surely it,,,,? Especially a woman, definitely wants to look sexy when wearing a mini dress which most revealing more of his legs. Lots of women who do not know how to feet and calves are not wrinkled or keliahatan very big.
The trick is:
First you can do a small massage, that you can do yourself at home by using essential oils or you can do at home reflection. Secondly you can make application of the foot by using lemon juice to be a little cold water so that herbs and essential oils can enter into the leg muscles so that all blood perdaran can be smoothly and reflect the muscles properly. The third one you can do with little exercise such as cycling. That's a little recipe that can make your legs beautiful in the traditional way.

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